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Artist's Statement

Abstract Figurative Bronze -

As stated in the introduction, my interest lies in abstract figurative sculpture using the lost wax bronze casting method.  The human body holds such universal identification, complexity, and mystery.  Attitudes, emotions, and spirit can be depicted through a gestural form.  Personal relationships, self-portrait, or popular myth hold my fascination.

Parted II,  Artist's Proof, Edition of 7- Sold out, 

31"H x 13"W x 3"D,

Enlargement by Commission

The Illusion of Volume and Mass in Twisted Form -

I abstract by simplifying the minimal qualities of the form and space to suggest a universal response to the figurative narrative.  By manipulating concave and convex shapes, 

I create an open structural illusion to imply volume and mass.  I search to capture the human essence within the folded and twisted wax that is then cast into bronze.

V for Victorious, unique cast bronze, 

Original:  31.5" x 12" x 5"

Enlargement:  63"H x 24"W x 10" D

El Capitan Hotel, Merced, CA

ALL SCALE:  Small table top to life-size to monumental public art

My sculptures range in scale from small tabletop gesture studies to life-size figurative abstractions.  All works shown here are available for Monumental Public Art or enlarged to any scale using new 3D printing technology at ARTWORKS FOUNDRY in Berkeley, CA.

Rain Charmer, 5'3"H x 16"W x 10"D, unique cast bronze, Artist's Collection 

To be enlarged for public art commission and reduced in size for new edition copies of 7.

Unique Casts vs. Edition Copies:

I create both one-of-a-kind unique casts and also limited edition copies of seven or twelve.  Limited edition copies are often of my favorites which allows me to keep the "Artist's Proof" for my own personal collection and as a foundry copy for reproduction purposes or 3D enlargement opportunities.  I keep the edition numbers small to hold their value and to inspire me to keep reinventing new work.

Unique casts are often considered more valuable by art collectors being one-of-a kind.  But sometimes after works are sold, I will still re-sculpt new variations on a theme into smaller or larger versions for myself or clients.

A Breath Between Us, 36" x 14" x 5", edition of 7,

next in edition available upon request.

Portfolios of over 450 plus works...

This website represents only a small introduction to my portfolio, as I hesitate to put over 450 works out there in cyberspace. I am very fortunate that the vast majority of my sculptures have sold (including my early drawings and paintings) and they are now in private, corporate and public art collections in eleven countries.  Multiple portfolios are available to view in the artist's gallery.  Occasionally, I post of few older works on my Facebook page at Cheryl Barnett (Sculpture & Design).

Vessel of the Innocents III, 6'7" x 2'3" x 1', unique cast bronze,  


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