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The Barnett Sculpture Garden & Gallery History

Displaying artworks by friends, former students, along side my art collection.

2013 - Dedicated to friends Toni & Gordy Ekas

I am eternally grateful to dear friends Toni & Gordy Ekas, who  lovingly redesigned this 1930's property while they lived here from 2000 to 2012.  Many of the beautiful details inside and out are due to their wonderful design sensibility.  The front home was originally, built by Hugh and Edyna Griswold and then later further detailed by the second owner Brian Ellison.

A second home and art studio in the back.

In 2003, the Ekas' built a second home for Toni's Mom, Mirium in the back half of the acre, with an attached studio, garage, and carport for Gordy's collectable automotive restoration projects.  By 2010 & 2012, Toni and then Mirium had passed, when Gordy made me an offer too good to pass up - to trade two properties in exchange for this beautiful place.  My father had been living with me (after my Mother's passing), so his big beautiful home was vacant.  In 2013 we traded our two homes and moved to this gorgeous estate.

An entryway sunroom doubles as an art gallery.

This beautiful garden and gallery is a wonderful showcase for displaying sculptures and art - both indoors and out.  Numerous windows throughout illuminate the art collection and look out to multiple views of the sculpture garden.

Every niche is designed to showcase bronze or clay sculptures..

October (left) and Listening to the Silent Muse (relief, on right) along side small bronze works on shelves.

Kabuki Moon Dance (left) and May (right), displayed along side smaller pieces on shelves.  The original small version of V for Victorious can be seen off in the distant sunroom.

September (Artist's Proof and #3/3) and Study of Laura II (Artist's Proof & #12/12) with Gesture Sketch #19  (original inspiration for Laura II).

Rain Charmer adorns the dining room.  To be enlarged and duplicated into a smaller edition copy of 7.


2019 - Metal roof

One Acre Sculpture Garden

The Barnett Sculpture Garden & Gallery is open by appointment.

Multiple works adorn the acre property displaying early steel sculptures from graduate work to newer pieces.  Multiple small model building works are ready to be enlarged into fabricated steel sculptures - to be added to webpage at a later date.

Steel Sculptures from 1980's Graduate Work

Vessel of the Innocents IV - Life size bronze

Buddha Frog

"Sometimes one needs to play - not take oneself too serious. When I hit a creative block with my fine art,  I will let go by sculpting something light-hearted, such as my cat, dog, a frog or just something for fun."

Many of the playful pieces were created as class demonstrations while teaching for 35 years at Merced College.  The majority of these pieces are in clay, cast bronze, or mixed media.


Funky Frog - clay

Self-Portrait as Sun & Moon - bronze

Calder's Cat & Abstract Frog - bronze



Numerous 2D paintings are on display inside the home 

and various 3D works can be seen around the garden. 

Lynn Morrison, Heavenly Visitor, cast bronze

David Medley, steel

Wayne Kirby, steel

Plus other numerous works by various friends 

- too numerous to display here.

- Open to the Public by Appointment -

Contact Artist

For a private or group tour email me on the CONTACT page.
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