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Gesture Sketches in 3D

Study of Laura I and II

While teaching Figure Drawing at Merced College, I would hire the model to stay after class and ask him or her to hold a 20-minute gesture pose. I would cut directly into sheets of sculpture wax and squeeze the shapes together.  These are created quickly as a more literal interpretation of human proportions to help keep my eye trained - much like a sketch.

Study of Laura I

Inspired by Gesture Sketch # 18, I made this new variation called Study of Laura I in order to create a limited edition of 12.

11.5"H x 5"W x 8"D

Study of Laura II

Inspired by Gesture Sketch #19, I made this new variation called Study of Laura II in order to create a limited edition of 12.

5.5"H x 5"W x 12"D

-  The Kiss  -

​The Kiss  (1/1, original - 11" x 4" x 1.5"d, with walnut wood base, NFS)  and  The Kiss  (1/1, life-size variation - 20"x 18"x 12" - sold)                                         

I've always been attracted to iconic themes in Art History.  The Kiss has been reinvented by many famous artists including Rodin, Klimt, Brancusi, & Picasso among others.  This first version is a miniature and has helped inspire the rest in the series to follow. 

Decades later, I enlarged The Kiss to life-size proportions, including more details.  Symbolically, her profile is forever etched on his face ( in texture), and together they soar from a base representing a bird in flight, where one sees her profile again.  (unique cast /sold).  

THE KISS  -  5 New Variations  -  2022

These vary in size from 

17" to 20" height 

x 4.5" to 6" wide

x 2.5" to 3" deep

with walnut wood base.


These are unique one-of-a-kind small works for a coffee table or shelf unit.   

I consider these as simple studies for training my eye, like a quick sketch.  Whereas my tall abstractions are my serious fine art works.  Over 100 Gesture Sketches are in private collections worldwide now.  Here are a few examples... mostly sold.

Gesture Sketch #4 and Sea Shell Dreams

The seated figure's belly has a spiral symbolizing the infinity of new life and the drawn relief shows the same figure seated next to a spiral seashell on the beach.  In the Modest Collection.

Jazz Turquoise

limited edition of 7

Early Works from the 1980's

Daydreams II


Seated Figure I

In the Artist's Collection

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