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Tears For Ukraine

2022, 22”h x 14”w x 8”d, unique cast bronze, 22 lbs.

"Ukrainian refugees evacuating their war-torn home. 

 A mother and her two daughters leave all their worldly possessions in their bombed-out apartment building, leaving behind the life they knew in search of a new one and peace.”

I was shocked and devastated by the outbreak of war on my birthday February 24, 2022, thinking how could there be such evil in the world on such a grand scale again - unthinkable cruelty and ignorance.  And I continue to be shocked that the world efforts have not been able to stop this atrocity.

Various views and details...

I would like to donate the sale of this work to a fundraising platform with ALL proceeds going to help Stand With Ukraine

Retail value is $4800, but I am hoping it could collect more for this humanitarian cause.  

I am currently looking for brainstorming ideas of ways to accomplish this goal.  


Another idea is when this horrible war is over, this would make a wonderful monumental PUBLIC ART WORK commemorating the resilience and tenacity of the Ukraine people. Currently, I use laser scanners and 3D printers to enlarge works to any size. But I would need to have access to this work in order to accomplish that some day.  Just a thought.

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